Automation and Direct Digital Control Systems Synopsis - Multiple buildings and campuses Ralph Michael Herran

  • Design water reclaim, purification and repurposing skids for original equipment manufacturer( OEM ). Map controls transition from proprietary architecture to an open architecture as well as transition from proprietary architecture to prepackaged template architecture.Integration including open controller output to BACnet front end.
  • HVAC system test and balance, fire damper inspection as well as project manage upgrades and additions to the building automation systemís infrastructure digital control systems supporting the manufacture of heavy duty engine and pharmaceutical plants in eastern, NC.
  • Plant DCS control systems including various differential pressure meters andfluid flow metering via venturi technology.I commissioned and checked out large industrial plant differential pressure venturi air and fluid meters.

  • Rockwell/ Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller. Planned, supervised and directed project start-up and commissioning for a prominent financial institution in Barrie Canada.
  • Mitsubishi programmable logic controller( PLC ) replacement with BMS open echelon controls.
  • Integration including proprietary protocol translator output to BACnet front end.

  • Hospital,medicalresearch and clinical DCS control system at a variety of locationsin NC. Managed and continuously trained HVAC and control shop staff and guide automationís use of proprietary controls.
  • Integration including Robertshaw DMS-Microsmart DDC, Facility Integrator front end, Ultivist.
  • Control room remote monitoring 24 / 7 / 365 to assure reliability of systems operations.

    Secondary Building Management System Responsibilities
  • Facilities liaison between the construction &implementation teams and the campus ITwide area network, VPN or private lan wan providers. Ihandled automation device level configuration ofBACnet over EtherNet, BACnet overIP, Modbus TCP/IP, DeviceNet, and Modbus RTU, and other protocol layouts.
  • Provided implementation planning and troubleshooting at system start-up to minimize network bandwidth utilization and maximize reliability to get building level data back to the enterprise level web supervisor enterprise machine.
  • In-house project design, implementation and commissioning for Critical care areas like the CPCCserver farm.
  • Managed campus automation configurations as needed to support Start-ups on Chillers, boilers, pumps and other miscellaneous mechanical gear.
  • Future technologies, growth and planning; utilizing data mining and middle ware to implement predictive maintenance.